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Gwen watched from the shadows as her quarry sniffed the air. The drunken laughter of late night revellers spilling out of club distracted the creature long enough for Gwen to take it down with Ianto's Weevil taser.

"Nice shot." Owen joined her, taking out his phone to call Ianto in for retrieval duty.

Another outburst caught Gwen's attention and she recognised some of the voices. Andy, Judy, Dai and some of her other old colleagues were having a night on the town. If they'd left a little earlier, they may have learned more than they needed about her career change.


tw100challenge #22: pc andy


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24th Apr, 2007 09:03 (UTC)
I wonder if she's got a lot of that old superhero conflict, where you need to protect your identity but sometimes have to force yourself not to reveal it in a form of bragging.
24th Apr, 2007 09:42 (UTC)
Ex-colleagues aside, it would be a relationship-killer not being able to discuss your work.
25th Apr, 2007 08:30 (UTC)
relationship killer
Oh, absolutely.
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