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Gwen shivered in the shelter of her umbrella as she watched Owen inspect the body.

Admittedly, the suicide by crucifixion was inventive in it's use of carefully arranged nail guns, but it didn't fit Torchwood's remit.

It would be just another memory that overshadowed the general commercialism and joy of a public holiday.

Streakers in rabbit ears, a house overrun by pet rabbits, rabbits skinned and nailed to the doors of council flats. Gwen's concept of the easter bunny had long been perverted by her time in the police force. The cases she saw with Torchwood just increased the weirdness.


tw100challenge #21: peaster treats


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10th Apr, 2007 15:05 (UTC)
I guess it's the streakers in bunny ears that would disturb me the most. Some people should *never* be seen naked.
10th Apr, 2007 21:10 (UTC)
Where I come from there's a long history of streaking at the cricket. Anything to liven up that game is seen as good.
11th Apr, 2007 16:20 (UTC)
that's just not cricket
If the game needs livened up that badly, why even play it?
11th Apr, 2007 21:16 (UTC)
Re: that's just not cricket
We are talking about a game that can go on for days and still result in a draw. Still, it's nowhere near as stupid as netball.
11th Apr, 2007 21:40 (UTC)
Re: that's just not cricket
Just shakes head, does sound like a game a Time Lord would love.
13th Apr, 2007 09:03 (UTC)
Re: that's just not cricket

Never mind. Don't want to know.

There's a game they've shown being played on Battlestar Galactica a few times that seems to consist soley of throwing a ball through a small hole in the wall. You either hit the hole, or you don't. Doesn't seem to have much variety to it ...
14th Apr, 2007 02:21 (UTC)
Re: that's just not cricket
I could argue that there's not much variety to Battlestar Galactica either.

Netball is like basketball but with rules invented by ten-year-old girls. There is to be no bouncing of the ball, if you have the ball in your possession you are not allowed to move. Because of stupid rules like the last one, it has extremely high incidences of lower leg injuries.

Attempting to explain to Americans that this game even exists is met with (well deserved) incredulity and bafflement. And they tend to assume you're either pulling their leg, completely bonkers or both. I should also mention that it is played almost exclusively by women.

Cricket is starting to look even saner in comparison, isn't it. It's even civilised enough to have tea breaks.
14th Apr, 2007 08:42 (UTC)
I *have* heard of that game. Wasn't impressed. Of course, I don't think basketball makes much sense, either ...
14th Apr, 2007 09:10 (UTC)
Re: Netball
I suspect netball's only saving grace is that the uniform is a ridiculously short skirt that distracts any male spectators from questioning the sport's existence.
14th Apr, 2007 10:25 (UTC)
short skirt
Oh. NOW I'm interested.
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