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Rachel poked disconsolately at her dinner with her free hand. "I hate this."

"I know, Ray." Dawn patted her friend's leg. "It's your own fault for managing to injury yourself in another weird way."

Spike snorted and contemplated eating the officious little administrator. Declán had called them from the hospital and now they were all gathered around Rachel's bed. The woman with the clipboard and zero medical experience had insisted on a suicide watch, because she didn't believe you could accidentally cut your wrist while washing the dishes.

"This mushy stuff tastes like old socks, Dawn."

"It is hospital food."


open_on_sundaychallenge #210: special dinners
Part of the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


2nd Apr, 2007 11:40 (UTC)
So there are two people on my flist who've done that. Who'd have thunk.
3rd Apr, 2007 12:59 (UTC)
If you want to get technical, it was probably more hand than wrist, and not terribly serious. Just the same, I can testify that it's possible -- especially for me.