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"What's up?" Andrew had been surprised to find Xander hiding in his office instead of at the Council meeting, leering at the representative from Edinburgh.

"Giles asked me to chauffeur Mr Hunt from Manchester. He spent the entire trip calling me names I didn't understand and threatening to hurt me in creative ways." Xander wasn't sure he wanted to know what a nonce was.

Andrew shook his head. "Gene's talent for violence is one of the reason Giles invited him. I take it you'll be taking him home." Xander shuddered. "Ask him about spaghetti westerns, he's a Sergio Leone nut."


open_on_sundaychallenge #209: message / messenger
beer_good_foamychallenge: gene hunt
Part of the London!verse


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26th Mar, 2007 17:08 (UTC)
Ah, good one. I love seeing more of this verse. ^_^
26th Mar, 2007 22:48 (UTC)
I was heading off in two blindingly different directions on this one when beer_good_foamy's challenge from last week decided me. At least one of my characters has a reprieve from me inflicting grevious bodily harm on them for a while, although Xander may disagree on that point.
( 2 howls — talk to the wolf )