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Following in the team's footsteps, Gwen nodded her apologies but was careful not to make eye contact. As Jack dealt with recalcitrant military personnel, Gwen watched her former colleagues.

The bowed heads and pointed glances of a pair of uniformed officers gossiping over her sudden rise into the lofty arena beyond police work. The young, pale-faced constable who'd discovered the body was sobbing into his hands and trying not to throw up again.

It was the sight of the familiar that made her thankful that a chance encounter and a curious nature had taken her away from it all.


tw100challenge #18: alternate universes


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22nd Mar, 2007 14:25 (UTC)
Interesting -- a look back from a much changed world. I wonder who feels the change the most, her or the people who see how different she's become?
22nd Mar, 2007 20:40 (UTC)
I would guess that each person feels the change the most from their perspective, but Gwen has seen the other side of the fence, so she'd see more of the differences and similarities.
( 2 howls — talk to the wolf )