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"You remember that lecture about size being relative?"

The Doctor glanced across at Rose as they trimmed the sails.

"When I asked you to prove it, I didn't mean that we should head to the first planet where we'd being scooped up as novelty toys to compete in a yacht race on a pond so big I can't see the other side." Rose winced as their craft nearly collided with a boat manned by creatures with more arms than an octopus.

"Fortunately, they'll lose interest in us when the race is over. On Myphous Prime, they toast the winners, literally."


dw100challenge #155: lost at sea


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19th Mar, 2007 14:19 (UTC)
LOL! I love that last line, it's so Doctor Who-ish.
19th Mar, 2007 20:01 (UTC)
It seemed a good idea a t the time. Nice to hear you liked it.
19th Mar, 2007 15:21 (UTC)
*cracks up*
19th Mar, 2007 20:02 (UTC)
20th Mar, 2007 10:34 (UTC)
Once more, bright guys finish last.
20th Mar, 2007 11:32 (UTC)
Beware the cephalopods. They have many limbs and aren't afraid to use them. Which just reminds me that I need a cephalopod icon.
21st Mar, 2007 08:03 (UTC)
Well, of course -- we should all have a cephalopod icon.
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