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Gwen had always hated when CID swanned in and took over a case after uniform had done all the hard work. She was always apologetic when Torchwood pulled rank on local police cases.

However, there were times when Torchwood's disregard for other services had its upside.

DI Cynthia Ferguson from London had a long history of alienating the local Police with her attitude of superiority and incompetence.

Seeing Jack point out the flaws in Ferguson's investigation had been awe-inspiring. Her old colleagues were equally impressed, when a video of the incident had mysteriously found its way into their hands.


tw100challenge #17: lazy mod week


( 3 howls — talk to the wolf )
20th Mar, 2007 00:56 (UTC)
Lazy mod week? Interesting challenge!
20th Mar, 2007 01:29 (UTC)
I'm underwhelmed with the challenges in that particular comm. Every so often the mod has a brain freeze and opts for a free challenge week, hence lazy mod week.
20th Mar, 2007 07:12 (UTC)
Like when I reprint a column ... or just give a list of stuff I found out from the internet. Got it.
( 3 howls — talk to the wolf )