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SpliceSpike and Dawn had volunteered to help Anya with put away the new shipment that had arrived at the Magic Box.

Banishment to the storeroom had provided the perfect cover, allowing them to slip out unnoticed and wreak havoc on Xander's car. Spike had been true to his word and placed sardines inside each of the door skins, for extra effect he added a marble inside each hubcap. Dawn had opted for the more direct approach and filled the glovebox with a spray can of polyurethane gap filler.

Managing to finish their work for Anya early, they were long gone and deep in debate with Bob at the video store, before Xander could discover the damage. Bob had managed to dig up a selection of 70s Italian horror movies at Spike's request.

Dawn was curled up against Spike on the lounge, wondering what all the fuss about. The movies were pretty cheesy and nothing out of the ordinary. Then she blinked in surprise and pointed at the screen. "Did you see that?"

The actress in a diaphanous gown had walked out of one room, through a second room to appear in a third. Nothing would have been strange about that, apart from the spliced scene in the middle room featured a different actress — who was topless.

"Yeah, that's why I asked Bob to dig them up for us, Bit." A close up on an actress in a window cut to the strange topless woman again. "These movies are a continuity hoot."

"Who's the topless woman?" Dawn was trying to figure out where she fit into the film's plot.

Spike had to explain that she wasn't part of the movie. There was a crossover audience between soft-core porn and horror movies decades ago in Italy, so the studios would splice in these odd little bits of film to try and pick up a larger audience. It made for funny, if slightly surreal viewing.

They were making a contest of spotting the ring-ins, when Buffy arrived and broke the news about Xander's car. It seems he still couldn't find where the strange smell was coming from.

Warily eyeing Spike and Dawn's fit of hysterical laughter, Buffy looked at the television. The film they were watching didn't look that funny.

15minuteficletsword #47: quirky
Part of the Mischief!verse
Tags: buffy summers, dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction, mischief, spike

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