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Walking out of his office, Jack looked over the Hub, to see Tosh and Gwen at their workstations, heads down and studiously ignoring the racket from the recreation room. The girls' indifference to the noise and the packaging material strewn across the floor didn't bode well.

Returning to his desk, Jack called up the CCTV to see Owen, samurai sword glinting in the subdued light, as he stalked across the room to assault the pinball machine.

Jack could foresee another argument over using alien technology to carry swords in public. Owen had a Highlander fetish that went way beyond tragic.


tw100challenge #15: crossovers


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7th Mar, 2007 11:32 (UTC)
Some people just can't be trusted with swords. It goes all the way back to Sulu on the original Star Trek.
7th Mar, 2007 11:44 (UTC)
You'd better count me in that group. You may want to broaden the range to cover all pointy things while you're there.
8th Mar, 2007 09:28 (UTC)
I have a sword hanging from my living room wall. It's great fun, and the wallpaper needs replaced, anyway.
8th Mar, 2007 10:57 (UTC)
At the moment there's four swords kicking about the house, a couple of bokken and more knives than you can poke a stick at. And that doesn't even cover the clicky knives, scalpels and straight razors. We do like the pointy at my place.
8th Mar, 2007 11:21 (UTC)
and a stick to poke things with
Sounds like my bachelor pad from back in the old days. Come to think of it, I do have several knives and a machete, in addition to the sword. It's amazing we have enough fingers to type with.

NO scalpels for me, though. Exactly what other kinds of hobbies do you have?
8th Mar, 2007 20:02 (UTC)
Re: and a stick to poke things with
There is a reason for the scalpel blades. I'm a draughtsman by trade. I the days before CAD, we'd copy old plans and scrape the elumsion of the reverse side of the copy prior to modification of an area. The number 23 scalpel blade has a curve perfectly suited to this. I got used to having them around and just find a big box of scalpel blades a really handy item to have around the house. There's one in a handle on my desk all the time which is useful for opening stuff.
9th Mar, 2007 06:46 (UTC)
cutting remarks
Ah, I see -- I used to work in a place where they had some drafting tables, and I remember seeing some of those scalpels laying around. Now that I know your profession, it makes perfect sense! Just the same, I'm not going to mess with you.
8th Mar, 2007 15:28 (UTC)
Haha, mmmmmm, samurai sword.

Let's hope the pinball machine wins. >:P
8th Mar, 2007 20:03 (UTC)
The machine would outweigh Owen, so there's hope.
11th Mar, 2007 21:13 (UTC)
8th Mar, 2007 18:43 (UTC)
I don't even watch Torchwood and I still laughed at this one. Yay Highlander, still corrupting any and all other fandoms! ;)
8th Mar, 2007 20:04 (UTC)
Funny, that. Must be the swords.
8th Mar, 2007 20:20 (UTC)
That reminds my that Torchwood has been confirmed for Canada. I can't find the reference to tell you when though.
9th Mar, 2007 17:50 (UTC)
Been totally hooked on swords since I was about 3 or 4 - No I am not kidding - when we got new neighbours. The Dad collected swords - his whole study was floor to ceiling swords and daggers - in and out of scabbards - he even wrote books about them.
*wonders if any of them are still in print*
9th Mar, 2007 19:53 (UTC)
Ooo... Cool...

I've always been obsessed with swords and knives. I desperately wanted a sword stick when I first found out what they were, I would have been around ten at the time, I guess. It's a sword... in a walking stick... you don't get much more awesome than that. Cursed national concealed weapons laws.
10th Mar, 2007 08:30 (UTC)
a sword stick
Steed having his blade in his brolly handle was a Very British twist on this
10th Mar, 2007 09:41 (UTC)
::squee:: Loved Steed and Mrs Peel.
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