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"The infestation by the cathedral turned out to be a bunch of role playing geeks." Spike tossed the file on Dawn's desk and froze as something bounced off his forehead. "Hey! A cow? Who throws a cow?"

"Andrew left them here." Dawn waved a toy gun. "Aren't they great." She shot another cow at Rachel, who retaliated with a volley of her own.

"Right, I'm out of here until you two stop acting like escapees from St Trinian's." Spike paused with his hand on the doorknob. "Although, I could wait for you to dress like schoolgirls. Ow! Watch the eyes!"


open_on_sundaychallenge #203: saints
Part of the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse
Tags: andrew wells, dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction, london, rachel evans, spike
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