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Rose had been surprised to discover that the Weekly World News was an almost universal constant. Wherever they went, there it was. Sure, it had a different masthead, but the content had the same lurid sensationalism that Rose was drawn to in much the same way as watching a car accident.

"Mildew communicates with untidy tenant?" she read aloud, eyebrows raised. "Isn't that one of those things your mother threatens you with when she finds the coffee cup you forgot about that has since turned into a science experiment?"

"Generally, yes. Unless you're on Betthio, then it's likely a relative."


dw100challenge #148: urban legend
dw100challenge #149: resistance


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25th Jan, 2007 01:26 (UTC)
You know, we sell that magazine at the shop. I like to look through the headlines when we swap new issues for old; they are hysterical. The pictures are even funnier, especially the way that they don't even bother to make them look realistic.

Sure, it has a different masthead -- should be had, not has.
25th Jan, 2007 04:34 (UTC)
I get an RSS feed from the WWN web site that's just the headlines. It's brilliant! And you're right about the photos. The few time I bother visiting the site, it's like the world's crappest Photoshop user has done their artwork.

Thanks for the tense catch.
25th Jan, 2007 09:00 (UTC)
The universe is doomed.
25th Jan, 2007 09:36 (UTC)
Yep. There's no hope for anyone.
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