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"Sir, we have a problem."

Jack looked over Ianto's shoulder at Tosh's monitor to see panic on streets of Cardiff. "Any idea what they're running from?"

"There's nothing on the radio." Gwen looked up from where she was scanning the police channels.

Tosh toggled through cameras. "All the CCTV footage is the same. It's just people running."

Ianto tried the television channels. As the news crossed to a live report, the team clamped they hands over their ears.

Jack killed the sound. "Who hacked the city's emergency broadcast system? Cardiff does not need to hear the horror of Owen's singing."


tw100challenge #9: people photos


14th Jan, 2007 20:13 (UTC)
Exactly, i mean at least in a pub setting you could lob a pintglass at his head. Or a spear. Or something.