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As he rummaged through their weekly eBay purchases of purported alien artefacts, Owen let out a whoop and hefted a large metallic object onto his shoulder. "I always wanted a BFG."

Tosh and Gwen looked at him blankly. It wasn't an acronym they weren't familiar without outside of literature.

"Come off it. Big fucking gun? Surely you've heard the term before."

"Not everyone wasted their youth playing video games." Jack took the object from Owen and expertly ran his fingers over the controls, changing it's appearance considerably. "And it's not a weapon. It's the Telaxomi equivalent of a pooper scooper."


tw100challenge #8: roald dahl titles: the bfg


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6th Jan, 2007 12:14 (UTC)
That book title has caused so much inadvertent amusement/confusion these days... ^_^
6th Jan, 2007 12:22 (UTC)
I knew the gaming reference before the Roald Dahl one, so the book title has always amused me.
6th Jan, 2007 12:53 (UTC)
Same here! So when I saw the spine of the book at the library, my first thought, sadly, was "WTF?" ^_^ I had to look at it just to find out what it was about. Didn't read the book, though.
7th Jan, 2007 04:49 (UTC)
BFG? Hee! Your Jack is just divine.

Now I know it's a gaming reference too. Go me!
7th Jan, 2007 06:42 (UTC)
You geek, you! You think we should get out more? I hear there's this big yellow, burny thing in sky, but it could be just a rumour.
7th Jan, 2007 06:46 (UTC)
I looked out the window at that big burny thing this morning, but it was a little bit too big and burny for me. The warming glow from my monitor is much more soothing. *g*
7th Jan, 2007 20:05 (UTC)
Ahaha, perfect for Owen then, it's all he's good for!!
7th Jan, 2007 20:40 (UTC)
Yep, that about sums him up.
8th Jan, 2007 09:49 (UTC)
Ah -- what a downer, when your gun turns to shit like that.
8th Jan, 2007 10:14 (UTC)
It doesn't seem to have quite the same posing value either.
( 10 howls — talk to the wolf )