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When Andrew opened the door, his first thought was that the Retjulls had paid him another visit, before the true horror of the situation kicked in.

Xander was packing for his latest overseas jaunt and it looked like the entire contents of his bedroom had been relocated to the living room while he contemplated what to jam into two enormous steamer trunks.

Andrew had been through this many times. They'd spend the next several hours paring the packing down to a single trunk, making sure the appropriate international adaptors were included and arguing about the misuse of Slayers as roadies.


open_on_sundaychallenge #195: light
Part of the London!verse


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19th Dec, 2006 20:16 (UTC)
the entire contents of his bedroom had been relocated to the living room

What's wrong with using Slayers as roadies anyway? They're strong! :-)
19th Dec, 2006 21:11 (UTC)
Thanks for the catch.

It probably takes some of the shine off the speech about a Slayer's destiny to defend the world from evil when you then direct them to be your porter. And it may not be a wise idea to annoy a really strong teenaged girl.
20th Dec, 2006 08:50 (UTC)
I always figured Xander would be one of those who packed too little, as guys tend to do, rather than too much. But using Slayers as roadies -- I can definitely see him doing that.
20th Dec, 2006 09:19 (UTC)
I think he'd pack too little rather than too much too, but why ruin a perfectly good opportunity to torture the lad.
20th Dec, 2006 10:06 (UTC)
an opportunity to torture
Well, when you put it that way ... you're absolutely right.
( 5 howls — talk to the wolf )