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Chef d'Oeuvre

Rose had been delighted to discover that the TARDIS had a curious literary defence mechanism. Anyone with a bent for folding pages, scribbling in the margins or otherwise defacing books, were nudged towards the section specialising in celebrity chef books from her own time.

It didn't take Rose long to discover that the comments were more interesting than the contents. There were numerous notes about alternative ingredients, an omelette that had been mistaken for a weapon and an interesting debate about the sexuality of cabbages; although, the reminder blood is thicker than water, adjust recipes accordingly was a little disturbing.


dw100challenge #144: blood
dw100challenge #145: water


10th Dec, 2006 23:07 (UTC)
Ahhhh, of course, sorry, i know him by face. He was popular in Ireland too - though we watched a show he did more recently and he came across surperbly unfunny, which was strange. My parents remembered him as being entertaining, so we weren't sure why we didn't find him so. Possibly our humor changed over the years and his didn't, or the other way around.

I had wondered where your email quote came from! That's pretty cool. And it's a nice mystical, chilling quote too.