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"It's funny." Gwen leaned on the railing, her arm pressed against Jack's, as they looked down over the Hub.

"What's that?" Jack watched Owen laughing with Tosh over the police report from a recent case.

"All this." Gwen waved a hand. "When I first walked in here it was all so weird and strange, but now it's like home. I mean, it may as well be, we all practically live here."

"Is that so bad?"

Gwen ran a hand through her hair. "I never expected the ordinary to become alien and the strange to be so normal."

"Welcome to Torchwood."


tw100challenge #3: hub photos


3rd Dec, 2006 21:53 (UTC)
Ha, don't knock it though, loon-detection is worth a key i reckon! i used the use the caps key every time i capitalised a letter at the start of a sentence. it was very economical, even though i could hit it like wildfire. i use shift now, or not at all.

Jack seems to be playing the father figure at the moment

God knows, someone's got to, bunch of teenagers that they seem to be. Grr. I'm getting an early night now, as i have a 5am viewing of last weeks ep in the morning. If Gwen and Owen do the smoochies i shall break my desk in two.