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"You look like shit."

Andrew smiled weakly. Faith never had been known for subtlety. "We need to house a group of Watchers until they get their final assignments next month and, with the new rotation of Slayers, space is at a premium."

Raising an eyebrow, Faith lowered her voice. "They could always crash with me."

"Do we get to share them?" Sholeh asked.

Faith had seconded the junior Slayer after discovering she was the only one of Andrew's latest crop who exhibited independent thought.

"I don't share."

"Looks like you'll have to get boys for all of us then, Andrew."


open_on_sundaychallenge #192: leftovers
Part of the London!verse


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28th Nov, 2006 21:54 (UTC)
This... could be either a lot of trouble, or absolutely fascinating. Probably both. More, please? :-)

Random question: If only one of Andrew's Slayers exhibits independent thought, what's he doing wrong? (Or is it intentional, to keep them from ganging up on him?)
28th Nov, 2006 22:08 (UTC)
It may or may not get picked up in future drabbles, but I've lost interest in the continuing the thread, so it won't be longer. The curse of a short attention span.

I'm working on the assumption that the junior Slayers are teenaged girls who haven't broken out of a pack mentality yet. They don't have music or fashion taste, they just listen to what the media tells them is cool. They haven't yet learned to think outside the box and have barely learned that the world is a bigger place than their hometown and high school.

Problem solving is done very much by the book, which may serve them if they have a Watcher to guide them initially, but will probably get them killed in the long run. They're going to need more field experience before they can be unleashed on the world without being liabilities. With so many Slayers to train, it would be easier to give them the basics and have an assigned Watcher teach them the more indepth aspects of the job.

Sholeh has had more of an independent upbringing, so she brought the ability to think on her feet with her, making her stand out from her classmates. Faith has spotted this and is training her to work solo.
30th Nov, 2006 10:05 (UTC)
Poor Andrew ... never short on challenges to face. Of course, Faith tends to provide those for everyone!
30th Nov, 2006 10:14 (UTC)
That does seem to be Faith's strong suit.
30th Nov, 2006 18:36 (UTC)
Kind of a weird thought, batches of Slayers being trained up and flocking out to stab the befanged ones. I wonder if they get stock witty-remarks for just before the final fatal blow.

I can very much imagine Faith not sharing. :P
30th Nov, 2006 20:10 (UTC)
It not like you'd have to worry about an appreciative audience.

And yes, Faith would have all the boys.
30th Nov, 2006 21:07 (UTC)
It not like you'd have to worry about an appreciative audience

very true.
( 7 howls — talk to the wolf )