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Wincing as Xander sang along with the film, Andrew realised that he must have missed the gene that turned men into Elvis fans at some point in their lives.

At least Dawn could distract Spike by playing the Dead Kennedys version of "Viva Las Vegas". Andrew had tried that and been subjected to a two hour lecture on the sanctity of Elvis Presley. Ten minutes in and he'd started imagining ever more creative ways of killing his flatmate.

The only thing keeping him sane was the joy of inflicting a Doris Day movie festival on Xander in retaliation next weekend.


open_on_sundaychallenge #191: elvis presley song titles: viva las vegas
Part of the London!verse


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19th Nov, 2006 11:19 (UTC)
Young Elvis was better, back before he lost his sense of fun.
But sanctity? I don't think so.
19th Nov, 2006 11:22 (UTC)
I've never understood the appeal of Elvis movies. The first film he made was great, but the rest were just pap churned out like today's dodgy teen flicks that last a week at the cinema and go straight to the DVD bargain bin. Yet, weirdly enough, they still seem to have a devoted following.
20th Nov, 2006 09:22 (UTC)
It's largely star appeal, of course, but it's also the fact that they *knew* the films were just pap. Elvis himself said he made the movies because they were fun, and when they ceased to be fun he'd stop making them. It reminds me of an old film called "The Cannonball Run", one of my favorite movies -- pure silliness, but the actors were having such a great time that it was great to watch them.
(Deleted comment)
21st Nov, 2006 20:22 (UTC)
22nd Nov, 2006 09:34 (UTC)
Wincing as Xander sang along with the film

Ahhhh, i know that pain. :(

Lol at Andrews plans for revenge. :P
22nd Nov, 2006 10:39 (UTC)
I guess it's all relative. I'd be with Andrew on the Doris Day filmfest over Xander's choice.
24th Nov, 2006 23:16 (UTC)
mmm Doris Day and Rock Hudson...
No punishment there surely?? *is aghast*
25th Nov, 2006 01:53 (UTC)
Xander may not enjoy it, bu I'm sure we can shove him onto the floor and enjoy the Doris Day / Rock Hudson movies with Andrew. Xander can bring us chocolate and alcohol if he complains.
25th Nov, 2006 08:12 (UTC)
He won't be able to - I'm sitting on his chest!
25th Nov, 2006 10:03 (UTC)
How will he be able to fetch and carry if you do that to him? Hang on, I'm now torn between servant Xander and furniture Xander. Oh, the possibilities.
27th Nov, 2006 07:58 (UTC)
*sighs at PW*

27th Nov, 2006 08:00 (UTC)
Huh lj'd chucked me out - I was only away for a couple of days...
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