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Gwen braced herself as Owen took the corner on two wheels.

"The gym on the corner..." Gwen only saw a blur as they sped past. "It used to be a cinema and before that a dance hall. Always did love a girl who could dance." Jack smiled to himself. "That convenience store coming up was a pub run by a lovely girl called Barnabas. She could pull a good beer... amongst other things."

Relaxing slightly as Jack took her hand, Gwen found his solid presence and whispered travelogue of conquests past almost distracted her from the terror of Owen's driving.


tw100challenge #1: cardiff landmarks


18th Nov, 2006 13:49 (UTC)
Have you seen Jack of All Trades? Mom's got that too.
18th Nov, 2006 22:42 (UTC)
It seemed to have missed my radar or I forgot about it. It didn't air locally and the first time I saw it (that I can recall) was as an Amazon recomended sale when I Brisco hit the site. I know nothing about it, so left it for another time.