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Gwen braced herself as Owen took the corner on two wheels.

"The gym on the corner..." Gwen only saw a blur as they sped past. "It used to be a cinema and before that a dance hall. Always did love a girl who could dance." Jack smiled to himself. "That convenience store coming up was a pub run by a lovely girl called Barnabas. She could pull a good beer... amongst other things."

Relaxing slightly as Jack took her hand, Gwen found his solid presence and whispered travelogue of conquests past almost distracted her from the terror of Owen's driving.


tw100challenge #1: cardiff landmarks


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18th Nov, 2006 12:17 (UTC)
Cute! First TW fic(let) I've read.
18th Nov, 2006 12:27 (UTC)
Yay! Hopefully, I haven't scared you off.
18th Nov, 2006 12:23 (UTC)
Brisco County Jr! My mom got into that a short while ago. ^_^
18th Nov, 2006 12:31 (UTC)
I can't believe how long it took to be released.

It only screened here the once and halfway through they shifted it from primetime to a morning kiddie cartoon slot with no warning. I've been after it since it aired. Bruce Campbell rocks.
18th Nov, 2006 13:49 (UTC)
Have you seen Jack of All Trades? Mom's got that too.
18th Nov, 2006 22:42 (UTC)
It seemed to have missed my radar or I forgot about it. It didn't air locally and the first time I saw it (that I can recall) was as an Amazon recomended sale when I Brisco hit the site. I know nothing about it, so left it for another time.
18th Nov, 2006 14:46 (UTC)
Lovely drabble!

18th Nov, 2006 22:42 (UTC)
Many thanks!
19th Nov, 2006 03:04 (UTC)
That was lovely! Owen's driving does seem a tad terrifying, huh?
19th Nov, 2006 03:15 (UTC)
About the only time you see the vehicles, they're hooning off to the scene of a crime. I call creative licence.
22nd Nov, 2006 09:28 (UTC)
you're writing torchwood fic! RULE!

ahem. sorry, moment of teenage surfer joy there. don't know where that came from.
22nd Nov, 2006 10:38 (UTC)
The new comm kicked off and I followed someone on my flist over to check it out and drabble happened.
22nd Nov, 2006 10:54 (UTC)
I'm very glad to hear it! Shall have to spare some time to sniff around Lj's TW offerings some time. But am enjoying the freshness of new eps every week for now, might wait for the series to end before i start wallowing in fandom.
22nd Nov, 2006 12:37 (UTC)
It seems the Torchwood fandom is suffering from stupid teenage girl syndrome. Communities are spawning rapidly for no reason and the annoying smooshed slash pairings are raising their ugly head again.

I'll be happy when it settles down and the quality of fic on offer picks up. The Who writers are fine, but the newbies are all enthusiasm, dribble and no spellchecker at the moment.

Your decision to wait sounds very wise.
22nd Nov, 2006 14:14 (UTC)
Your decision to wait sounds very wise.

I like being wise by mistake. It so rarely happens otherwise.

Pity there's been a teenage invasion, i had noticed that far too many people liked Owen (he's a chav, pretty much, yuech), but didn't know what that meant. Now i know. I'll stick with your plan too, wait til it settles down and the die-hard and decent writers sift through. I'm looking forward to some choice Jack whump, myself. >:P

the newbies are all enthusiasm, dribble and no spellchecker at the moment.

22nd Nov, 2006 20:36 (UTC)
I really don't get the Owen fascination. The character is still flailing, so he's all over the place, but he's not really a chav.

I don't get the Jack/Ianto pairing either. Ianto is almost a non-event so far, he's a blank slate and there's nothing of substance to work with character-wise, but then the suits do nothing to bring him the my attention either. So far it looks like a case of any old excuse to throw two male characters into really bad pr0n by playing the sub/dom card. Boring and repetitive and mostly poorly written.
23rd Nov, 2006 11:37 (UTC)
Owen's mouth scares me, it's far too wide. ::shivers::

I like the Jack/Ianto pairing, and i love Ianto, i just really dislike the way they are portraying the whole team as this awkward immature bunch of people. The discussion they had at the beginning of ep6 was just so immature and teenagery... i can't help but think that a group of adults would be more sensitive, and able to deal with the situation better. Annoys me.

So yes, agree with you on a lot of that. Luckily for me though, i'm incredibly shallow so the cheap pr0n keeps me happy. >:P
( 17 howls — talk to the wolf )