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Being threatened by a god had given Dawn little time for religion, but she found the ritual comforting.

Spike stood in the shadows at the back of the church. He'd seen the insides of a lot of churches thanks to Dru's fixation, but in those days a trip to the pulpit usually ended with a body draped over it.

He watched as Dawn lit candles for everyone she'd lost. There were far too many for anyone so young.

Taking her hand as she rejoined him, Spike hoped it would be a long time before she needed to add another candle.


open_on_sundaychallenge #190: memorial
Part of the London!verse


( 15 howls — talk to the wolf )
14th Nov, 2006 10:21 (UTC)
Aw, that's very touching. Excellent drabble.
14th Nov, 2006 11:14 (UTC)
Many thanks!
14th Nov, 2006 20:49 (UTC)
Now that I've finally finished watching the whole series (just finished on Sunday!), I can finally enjoy these properly, with some context. And I really enjoyed this one. I'm honestly not sold on Spike/Dawn, but generically tender!Spike gets me every time.
14th Nov, 2006 21:40 (UTC)
Happy to know something tickled your fancy.
14th Nov, 2006 20:50 (UTC)
I've always liked ritual candle-lighting.

We do a more public variation of that in my church -- there's a bit at the beginning of each service called Joys and Sorrows (or Joys and Concerns, depending), where you get up in front of the congregation and light a candle and explain what it's for. Usually people will offer sympathy or congratulations afterwards; the support is comforting.

I can see why the Scoobies would want to keep their sorrows private or within a small circle of friends, though. And yes, they all have far too many candles.
14th Nov, 2006 21:42 (UTC)
I used to live near a Greek Orthodox church. I always liked seeing the people returning to their cars with their candles at Greek Easter, it was very pretty.
14th Nov, 2006 21:03 (UTC)
aw, very sweet.
14th Nov, 2006 21:47 (UTC)
Oops. I'll have to see about stomping on that sweet thing next time. I don't know what I was thinking.
14th Nov, 2006 23:38 (UTC)
I typed a larger comment here, but then lj had to go ruin it and wipe the thing, and now i can't be arsed to rewrite. Don't worry though, the missing part largely just contained some wierd quip about fratboys "stomping that sweet thang". It was bad.

I nearly wrote 'sad' instead of 'sweet', but i think it was Spike's concern that tipped it over into the latter category.
15th Nov, 2006 00:00 (UTC)
LJ was doing the same thing to me. They must be poking the database.
15th Nov, 2006 08:28 (UTC)
Poor Dawn ... lovely story.
15th Nov, 2006 12:17 (UTC)
Many thanks!
16th Nov, 2006 14:24 (UTC)
*hugs Dawn* - now there's a line I never thougth I'd find myself writing in response to a fic
16th Nov, 2006 20:14 (UTC)
Always nice to have someone see a character in a different light when they'd usually be quite happy to push them under a bus.
17th Nov, 2006 09:33 (UTC)
push them under a bus.
Don't know that I'd necessarily go that far but *g*
( 15 howls — talk to the wolf )