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Rose wandered around the room. "It's gorgeous." Every surface was covered in fabric; rich brocades, satins and silks, all adorned with lace and embroidery.

"It looks like a tart's boudoir." The Doctor was surprised the room's decorator hadn't been dragged off by the style police for the criminal misuse of gold braid.

"Why is there a pit full of pillows in the middle of the room?" She squeaked as Jack shoved her. Floundering in the sea of cushions, Rose's curses turned to giggles as he dived in beside her.

Jack offered his hand to the Doctor. "Care to join us?"


dw100challenge #141: opulence


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12th Nov, 2006 12:04 (UTC)
Oh, that Jack. Such a saucy boy. *g*

How's your cold?
12th Nov, 2006 12:59 (UTC)
What's the point of a pillow pit if you can't have a little debauchery?

Looks like the flu has mostly buggered off and I think I've managed to give it to everyone at work. Yay!
12th Nov, 2006 12:21 (UTC)
And under the pillows is the dreaded House Sarlacc! Watch out, gang! :P
12th Nov, 2006 13:01 (UTC)
In such a case, I'd hope its bad breath gave it away.
12th Nov, 2006 18:28 (UTC)
I am of the opinion that it is very hard to not misuse gold braid -- it needs very careful handling to mute its inherent tackiness. :-)

Go Jack!
12th Nov, 2006 20:17 (UTC)
Gold braid is something that screams tacky. It may belong in the same class as feather boas, objects that only work if you're a six-year-old girl or a drag queen.
12th Nov, 2006 19:39 (UTC)
Lol. Do you know, up til now i've been reading blind, as i never saw Captain Jack in Doctor Who (am going to cach up, and have Ninth season on my amazon wishlist for this xmas), so i just kinda thought you were using artistic license to make him a bit more slutty. But now i've seen Torchwood... and shit, you weren't exaggerating at all were you?? Wowser. >:P And YAY too. :D

Must read back and see what little ficlets of yours i've missed while i was away.
12th Nov, 2006 20:21 (UTC)
::points at icon:: That isn't a manip, it's canon, baby.

With the bigger cast and the trying to introduce the story to people, I think Jack is actually a little muted in Torchwood compared to Doctor Who.

Nice to have you back.
12th Nov, 2006 22:39 (UTC)
Good to be back. :)

God yeah, i mean, i knew about the kiss between him and the Doctor.. but somehow i just... i don't know, i didn't realise it! And god, when he kisses, he really *kisses*. ::fans self::

I think Jack is actually a little muted in Torchwood compared to Doctor Who.

Ooh, hope so. >:P I sense they're going to take every opportunity to dial him up throughout the season. Rawr.
13th Nov, 2006 02:22 (UTC)
Heh...I actually see four as being more of brocade fellow, knowing Jack I am sure he love to seduce every doctor that has, is or will be.
14th Nov, 2006 10:23 (UTC)
Why, that sounds just like my bedroom ... only, um, without any of the stuff you described.
14th Nov, 2006 12:27 (UTC)
I guess there'll be no naked Doctor, Rose and Jack rolling about in a pit of cushions for you then. Bummer!
15th Nov, 2006 07:31 (UTC)
I'm okay without the Doctor or Jack, but I wouldn't mind rolling around with Rose. I probably have enough pillows, but no pit -- and they don't match, of course.
16th Nov, 2006 14:26 (UTC)
He had to ask? *shoves her out of the way to join them* Have ginger biccies I fear I have not been handing them out as regularly as I should.
16th Nov, 2006 20:15 (UTC)
He could have just dragged the Doctor into the pit, but he may have been struggling with pillows at the time.

Yay! Gingersnaps!
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