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TranspositionThey wandered the tunnels, a pair of unsavoury looking characters in suits that had seen better days.

Mr Croup, the smaller of the pair, waxed lyrical about the demise of a favoured member of the court of Siam. His description of the death was as flowery, ornate and long-winded, as the death had been brutal, bloody and brief.

Mr Vandemar, who was masticating a large three headed frog into very small bits, offered small points of correction about the way the blood had seeped into the man's robes.

These days they had an employer who was even scarier than them.

tv100evil incarnate


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19th Mar, 2004 12:00 (UTC)
I really do like it when you dip into the Neverwhere universe. Lovely depictions of Croup and Vandemar; very true to form here.
19th Mar, 2004 12:12 (UTC)
I love Croup and Vandemar, the contrast between the two is vast and yet they are always on civil and friendly terms with each other.

And I had to get the three headed frog in somewhere. Die Puny Humans is such a wonderful source of weirdness, shame mistersleepless lost his server and archives last month.
( 2 howls — talk to the wolf )