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"What is this stuff?" Jack experimentally poked the strange white sealant, watching it flake away.

The Doctor looked over Jack's shoulder and grinned. "Minties. Fantastic things. They're a chewy sweet that Australians carry in case they need an emergency fuel tank or radiator repair. Probably not ideal for long term electrical repairs, but they did the trick nicely." He clapped Jack on the shoulder and went back to work under the console.

If the sealant was partially masticated candy, Jack wasn't sure he wanted to know the origins of the glowing blue substance he'd found holding the pipe work together.


dw100challenge #139: mysteries
dw100challenge #140: creepy


5th Nov, 2006 09:25 (UTC)
I love your brain.
5th Nov, 2006 11:42 (UTC)
Maybe I should stick it in a jar and send it to you, it seems oddly recalcitrant at the moment. ::prods brain:: Stupid flu.
9th Nov, 2006 11:39 (UTC)
Oh, poor brain. Bad flu!