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"Not available."


"On a date." Dawn shared a grin with Rachel at the likelihood of that story being true.


"Will be here when he can."



Spike interrupted their role call. "Last I saw, she was down at the pub. There was a naked man at her feet demanding she ride him like a miniature pony. He was wearing a tail."

Rachel looked up at Spike in confusion. "If he was naked how could he wear a tail?" Spike raised an eyebrow. "Oh... Please tell me Andrew wasn't with her. I really don't need that visual."


open_on_sundaychallenge #188: trick or treat
Part of the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


( 18 howls — talk to the wolf )
30th Oct, 2006 11:43 (UTC)
Yeek! Not sure I want that visual, either! ;)
30th Oct, 2006 11:57 (UTC)
I'll spare you.
30th Oct, 2006 16:41 (UTC)
::shudders:: OMG, I think that is the flat-out scariest thing you've ever written! Ack, the horror!

Eep, I think I'm traumatised. I may need to go read something safe to recover... yeah, like the RazorGirl!verse. ;)
30th Oct, 2006 20:34 (UTC)
And people wonder why violence is my usual forté (::sigh:: accents work better when you spell the bloody code correctly). Maybe this will educate them.

Is it a bad thing that this was inspired by work?
30th Oct, 2006 20:37 (UTC)
Is it a bad thing that this was inspired by work?

Yes! *eg*

Of course, there's a story in that and I'm probably crazy for asking, but HOW exactly does (::cringe::) this relate to your work?
30th Oct, 2006 21:08 (UTC)
My usual sparring partner has just left. I shall miss him. By Fridays conversation had degenerated into the abuse of personal pronouns and threatening each other with sex toys. We may have broken visiting head office staff.
30th Oct, 2006 16:45 (UTC)
*cracks up* I love it!
30th Oct, 2006 20:32 (UTC)
Many thanks!
30th Oct, 2006 23:18 (UTC)
31st Oct, 2006 10:50 (UTC)
Yeah, I'm with Rachel on that -- didn't need the visual.
31st Oct, 2006 11:33 (UTC)
This probably should have come with a you may want to run now warning.
1st Nov, 2006 00:54 (UTC)
Well, how many times have *I* posted without giving the proper warning? :-)
1st Nov, 2006 01:21 (UTC)
As I don't bother with warnings or summaries or even mentioning what fandom anything belongs to, it's probably a moot anyway.
1st Nov, 2006 01:32 (UTC)
You probably go into it already knowing what will piss people off. I'm constantly surprised not only by what makes people mad, but what *doesn't*.
1st Nov, 2006 01:43 (UTC)
It's not so much the mad, as the baffle. I unintentionally baffle people all the time, having no clue that normal people are blissfully unaware about the existence of things like furries.
1st Nov, 2006 05:28 (UTC)
That's true! (although in the fire service, "baffle" is what keeps the on-board water from shifting and rolling our trucks over. I'm baffled as to why it's called that.)

It seems you live in a world all your own; and yet your readers forge on, indicating both that you have an intelligent fandom and that they like your writing well enough to figure things out.

Personally, I'd rather be around ten people who baffle me than one who I understand completely. Life's more interesting and educational that way.
1st Nov, 2006 20:44 (UTC)
ride him like a miniature pony
runs away scared!!
1st Nov, 2006 20:47 (UTC)
I find it endearing, but I'm funny that way.
( 18 howls — talk to the wolf )