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Dart Guns

Dart GunsDawn didn't bother asking about the way Spike constantly baited Xander any more. He seemed to go out of his way to harass, rile or just plain irritate the man, and Xander never managed to grasp that he was having a pissing contest with himself.

Spike was still chuckling to himself as they wandered the aisles of the Sunnydale video store.

They both had to agree that the nerdy looking clerk, who was a fixture most night they were scrounging for flicks, was the best things that ever happened to the town. While Bob made sure there was a steady supply of mindless dreck for the masses, he also made certain that a wide range of movies were available for people whose taste fell outside of semi-literate teenage boy.

Since Bob's arrival, Dawn had seen more independent, arthouse and foreign films than she thought possible. It had taken a while for the concept of movies outside of E! reviews being both available and not only good, but vastly superior to Hollywood bean counter productions, to sink through years of conditioning by studio stooges.

Spike had been working his way through Sergio Leone's films, forever making any western Dawn would ever see look like a pale imitator, and was toying with the choice of The Cat o' Nine Tails or Dellamorte Dellamore. He opted for the latter, impressed that Bob had managed to find a copy on DVD that still had its not dumbed down for the US market name.

They were soon on their way to a night of popcorn and movies, when Dawn finally broached the subject she'd been wondering about since they left the Magic Box.

"How did you get the suction cup darts to stay stuck to Xander's forehead?"

"Trade secret, love." Dawn glared at him and he gave in easily. "Okay, not really, it's just crazy glue. The five minute Araldite I saved for the darts I shot at his car on the way out."

15minuteficletsword #46: competition
Part of the Mischief!verse
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