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Rose hadn't been surprised to discover that, several centuries and galaxy away from her time, the greeting and safety message being pantomimed by the crew was so familiar she could mouth the words.

Settling back into plush seat with a sigh, she sipped an unpronounceable drink that had been served in a champagne flute, but had the viscosity of molten rock.

There wasn't much to do until they landed but enjoy the in-flight services and as a slightly dazed crewmember walked past with a drinks trolley, Rose realised that the absent Captain Jack was enjoying amenities of a different nature.


dw100challenge #137: grateful
dw100challenge #138: welcome aboard


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24th Oct, 2006 18:03 (UTC)
Yes, a thousand times yes, on the airplane safety presentations. Seen one, seen 'em all.

And Jack! *snickers* Good for him.
24th Oct, 2006 21:20 (UTC)
And, depending on the length of the flight, he could work his way through the passenger list too.
24th Oct, 2006 19:54 (UTC)
Captain Jack always finds those amenities, doesn't he?

So - what do you think of Torchwood then?
24th Oct, 2006 21:21 (UTC)
He does seem to have a knack for getting what he wants.

Loving Torchwood.
25th Oct, 2006 03:39 (UTC)
Would think the Doctor and Rose won't be happy if Jack was sexing anyone but them. Glad you like Torchwood.
25th Oct, 2006 09:12 (UTC)
Captain Jack
Well, rank does have its privledges ...
25th Oct, 2006 21:06 (UTC)
Re: Captain Jack
That it does.
( 7 howls — talk to the wolf )