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Another month rolls around and irishvampire13 has decided that its time for another game of public flagellation.

via the Pit of Voles: [screenshot]

If I didn't hate you so much for being a bitch, I'd tell you how wickedly amusing that was.
What's with the insane I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I really like your writing, I hate you? Why does she bother reading when she happily professes to not being terribly enamored of me? Have I misread this and it really means that because she praised me that she wants to be bestest friends? Admittedly, that seems to be a back away slowly and avoid eye contact point. Why does she seem incapable of telling the difference between bitch and shit-stirrer? Why do I bother questioning insane troll logic?

She does seem to have a bee in her bonnet about me being some kind of evil nemesis. Hmm... Do you get minions with that? I'll have to consult my personal overlord about nemesis fringe benefits.

While I did get the memo about being the bane of her life — woke up one morning to bemusedly have bane status thrust upon me — it did seem to be missing the bit about why she has the hump. Perhaps I should know this already as she'll be using her 1337 psychic skillz to smite me where I stand. Stop snickering — oh, go ahead, it is a rather ludicrous image. Way back, before her paranoiac LJ lockdown took place, she actually professed to doing this to an ex-bestest friend (real or pretend is up for debate) over some no doubt imaginary slight, which really should have clued me into her not playing with a full deck.

As this is almost a month to the day from her last outbreak of bampotery, I am left to assume that she is hormonal, off her meds again or keeping a diary to remind her that it's time to go annoy people again.

If she is so determined to play silly buggers, I'm more than happy to play shit-stirrer and do my bit to share the pointing and laughing around. Enjoy!


Of much more interest, I'm wondering if anyone recognises the reference to the subject title.



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23rd Sep, 2006 06:49 (UTC)
Is it wrong that I look forward to your Irish Vampire updates?

Way back, before her paranoiac LJ lockdown took place, she actually professed to doing this to an ex-bestest friend (real or pretend is up for debate) over some no doubt imaginary slight, which really should have clued me into her not playing with a full deck.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Refresh my memory - is she just a friend of the original plagriarist, or was there talk that she was actually the plagiarist herself?
23rd Sep, 2006 08:08 (UTC)
As far as I know, she had no connection to the plagiarist.

She has a history of drive-by attacks carried out by trolling her friends of friends list. Most are benign, if out of left field comments, but when the planets are in alignment she'll just attack for no reason.

It was particularly amusing to see her get pummelled by the peanut gallery when she tried this tactic on Warren Ellis' LJ or the major LiveJournal announcement LJs. Not so amusing when she attacked innocent bystanders without rhyme, reason or provocation, then did the tried and true troll classic of comment-locking a post that proclaimed her own innocence when she was called to account.

The plagiarist connection was due to her happily announcing on open_on_sunday that she disbelieved that the plagiarised authors were telling the truth. The context of the announcement was very easy to misread as I can't believe this has happened rather than I don't believe the claims of plagiarism if you hadn't seen the more pointed accusations she left on my LJ and FictionPress account.

I have no idea if she tried it on with other authors, but she did seem to be in full bampot mode at the time, so I wouldn't be surprised. It may well be that I was the only author involved in the kerfuffle who was on her radar at the time, if so, at least playing silly buggers with me may have distracted her from more blatantly attacking strangers that time around.

As she insists on behaving like a fuckwit, I'll happily treat her as such. Feel free to enjoy the show.
23rd Sep, 2006 11:23 (UTC)
I pre-emptively banned her from my LJ just to be on the safe side. ^_^

I haven't gotten any minions as a result of having a nemesis (mimerki). It appears you only get minions from higher-grade overlordness. ^_^ (Speaking of whom, Overlord Imp has decided that instead of new school shoes, he'd rather have a water gun. He can see the logic behind "new shoes help you run faster", but the water gun has its own appeal.)
23rd Sep, 2006 11:42 (UTC)
Cursed lack of nemesis benefits. I would have thought it would have at least qualified me for a pet boy Sherman.

I shall have to try working my way up to overlord by following Imp's example. He does it so effortlessly. Although being a good minion, I should point out that a water gun will come in much handier than shoes for keeping his non-minions in line.
23rd Sep, 2006 11:42 (UTC)
Minions with minions - there's an interesting thought!
23rd Sep, 2006 12:14 (UTC)
Doh! How could I forget that I'm minion to an overlord and an elder god?

I'm thinking that maybe you did nibble a bit too much over my brain. That and I shall be condemned to eternal dual minion-dom, never to get a pet boy Sherman of my very own.
23rd Sep, 2006 15:33 (UTC)
::obligingly points and laughs::

Really, "If I didn't hate you so much for being a bitch, I'd tell you how wickedly amusing that was" has got to tbe the BEST back-handed compliment I've seen in a while. Totally nonsensical, but hilarious. I am greatly amused.

Besides, I think you ought to take it as one of the highest compliments ever. If your worst enemy (in her mind, at least) likes your writing so much as to read it and compliment even though she hates you, well then you must be doing something right, right? ;)

Why do I bother questioning insane troll logic?

This and other of life's little connundrum's can be solved with one simple answer...

Because it is FUN! :D
23rd Sep, 2006 16:07 (UTC)
That comment does seem to be suffering from more than a touch of bipolar.

Aside from amusing my flist, I don't see what these little outbursts of bampotery achieve. I'm supposed to give a toss what she thinks? Antics like this really aren't the way to make me assume someone is anything other than a laughing stock.

Now, aside from the public service aspect of warning anyone who cops a random flame, her pearls of wisdom just get treated as any other mindless, illiterate dribbling from one of the multitudes of Pit of Voles trolls. She may have grasped basic grammar, spelling and knows how to find the shift key, but it still reeks of teh stoopid, it burns.
23rd Sep, 2006 17:08 (UTC)
Some people are just nuts. Could be worse The Doctor could be having a male pregnancy.
24th Sep, 2006 06:53 (UTC)
off meds is my experience in this area
Whoa -- there I am again. let me make it clear that that is complete coincidence.

I actually know a couple of people who I personally dislike, but whose writing I like quite a bit. So it's certainly possible that this is the case with your nemisis, but when I encounter such a circumstance I read, enjoy, and *keep my mouth shut*. I'm just sayin'.
24th Sep, 2006 08:36 (UTC)
Re: off meds is my experience in this area
I would have thought the keep my mouth shut option would have been blindingly obvious. Certainly better than turning on that I'm an idiot neon sign over her head.

As much as I have adored Orson Scott Card's writing in the past, after finding out that the man is completely batshit insane, I found his behaviour tainted his writing and I can no longer read it. In that case I walked away completely.
25th Sep, 2006 07:40 (UTC)
maybe the blindingly obvious just blinds idiots?
Orson Scott Card's insane??? Hm. Come to think of it, that explains a lot.

I'm an emergency dispatcher -- without people turning on that big neon sign, I'd be out of a job.
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