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When Jack unexpectedly pounced on Rose, her scream was loud enough to bring the Doctor running.

"What are you playing at, Jack?"

"Recreating the Velociraptor scene from Jaws," Jack answered brightly.

Rose sighed. "Jaws is the movie with the tourist-eating shark. Jurassic Park is the one with the lawyer-eating dinosaurs."

The Doctor laughed at Jack's confusion over his 20th century movie gaffe. "I believe punishment is in order."

"Can we make him watch the sequels back to back?"

"I'm missing something here, aren't I?" Jack still looked baffled.

"Be afraid." The Doctor clapped him on the shoulder. "Be very afraid."


dw100challenge #133: reptile
dw100challenge #134: hunting
Tags: doctor who, fan fiction, fiction, jack harkness, ninth doctor, rose tyler
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