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Leaning his weight across Dawn's shoulders, Spike limped along at her side. "This is so embarrassing."

"On the bright side, we got the job done and our bank balance will be receiving a healthy boost in the morning."

Spike snorted. "You aren't the one who got injured."

Dawn bit her lip. She may come through unscathed, but she'd be suffering through Spike's injury none the less. He didn't make a good patient.

Still, if he didn't behave himself, she could always threaten to tell Angel that Spike's crossbow mishap was due to a curious hedgehog accidentally standing on the trigger.


open_on_sundaychallenge #182: lean on me
Part of the London!verse


20th Sep, 2006 00:33 (UTC)
Their have only been one or two funny mpreg out their. One was with Harmony who with magic wanted Spike and Angel to have Vampire babies and Spike kept going "arse babies" the whole time. But it ended up being a Xander/Spike/Angel mix with babies. Or one where Initative did a fake mpreg with Xander so they could spy on the Scoobies.