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It was strange to be in a society that persecuted women to such a degree that they were forced to take extreme measures to appear in public.

Rose had been disguised, but found it easy to spot the other women in their baggy clothing and fake beards. She was uncertain if the men didn't notice or pretended not to, but the fear of being caught kept her on edge until they returned to the TARDIS.

The Doctor told her that a revolution in a decade would see all men banned from the planet. Rose thought it couldn't come soon enough.


dw100challenge #132: fair


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10th Sep, 2006 14:03 (UTC)
*now has disturbing mental image of Rose in a Groucho Marx fake nose, eyebrows and moustache*

Very nice drabble, (as always!)
10th Sep, 2006 21:12 (UTC)
Would it help to think more of Monty Python than Groucho Marx?
10th Sep, 2006 22:12 (UTC)
I think banning all the men is an overreaction... but an understandable one. That sort of place would be creepy as all hell to visit.

(Repost. My first comment showed up oddly.)
10th Sep, 2006 22:19 (UTC)
People have a tendency to go to extremes when given power. I think this illustrates both positions being as bad as each other.
11th Sep, 2006 10:02 (UTC)
I take it only the female incarnations of the Doctor can visit that planet in that time period. Heh...to see the Doctor's face if he ever woke up female, acourse for him it be like for Orlando, he wake up and say "Same person, different sex."
13th Sep, 2006 09:39 (UTC)
Sounds a lot like a conservative Muslim nation. But the more you tighten your grasp, the more they slip through your fingers ...
13th Sep, 2006 10:00 (UTC)
Sounds a lot like a conservative Muslim nation

Sounds like every fundamentalist religion to me.
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