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Andrew's class had spent the morning trying to match tracks to demons with no success, until Sholeh had a breakthrough.

She realised that the webbed tracks she was studying didn't match the expected stride length indicated by the imprints and the depth wasn't quite right either. She was the only one who figured out that their assignments had all been simulations.

The Slayers needed to learn to fully examine a situation before charging in all guns blazing. Andrew picked up the photographs. At least flipper-wearing beach goers would be safe. However, kids on pogo sticks may be in serious trouble.


open_on_sundaychallenge #180: legs/feet
Part of the London!verse


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5th Sep, 2006 12:49 (UTC)
I'd like to know when your Andrew will be available for purchase in stores. Because, man, I want one.
5th Sep, 2006 21:19 (UTC)
I don't think he's so much a purchasable item so much as a you distract him shiny things and I'll stuff him in a box item.
6th Sep, 2006 06:22 (UTC)
lol as much as Doctor Who fan as Andrew is, I know he love to meet the Doctor and rib him to death. I'd love to rib the Doctor to death, how could he leave that hot Romana II in espace.
6th Sep, 2006 14:35 (UTC)
Ha! Classic.

And hey, you went for one of the new lj layouts! It's gorgeous. I've been eyeing this one too, although with the dusk and the rural design. Am hoping to go for a complete rethink though, with a custom doodle-banner, so probably won't end up using any of the new ones.
6th Sep, 2006 21:27 (UTC)
Expressive looks fairly skinnable, so customising it should be a breeze, check out s2expressive for tips. I'd recommend picking one that looks close enough to what you want in style and using it as a base to reskin.

For me, it's not so much the design as hacking the style components that I end up doing. I was underwhelmed with the style options of list or cloud for the tags, as both looked like crap when you have heaps, so was able to port my old scrolling list hack in fairly easily. You'll notice my random quote thingy got ported too. If you're going with Expressive or Component, yell if you want the code for those.

Thinking that the sidebar needs a background or border to separate it from the main content. The base lack of division between entries was a major oversight too. As usual, the lack of total base text fields means trolling through the master code to figure out the attributes so I can rename them. There's still a few over those I can't find, but I'll sort the case issue on those with CSS when I get a chance.

I'm waiting on code hacks to come through so I can reorder the header menu and port my old tag page data. Other than that it's pretty much as I want it.

Had a nasty run in with what I though was an LJ bug that turned out to be a feature. If your tooling around with the style wizard to get the base settings and switching between it and the advanced customisation screens, the wizard generated code will overwrite your custom user layer. Having them open in different tabs so you can resave it helps, but you wouldn't want to be opening and closing to discover that hideous little bug.

The lesson is to save your hacks offsite when your done. A friend borked her custom layout by checking out the new styles on the weekend too, so it was handy I had a backup of her site too.
12th Sep, 2006 19:18 (UTC)
Must. Not. Get. Sidetracked *bookmarked it though* :D
12th Sep, 2006 21:20 (UTC)
The comm is still very rudimentary at this stage. It's mostly style over substance, which is weird after coming from the Component comm which is massively geeky.
19th Sep, 2006 08:41 (UTC)
Ooh, thanks for links and tips! One thing that's been bugging me with this layout is the comment formatting, they seem to be all over the shop, but it looks like you've got yours sorted now - it looks nice and clean and well sectioned.
In the raw layout you post a load of comments and it just looks like some kind of confused userpic orgy.
19th Sep, 2006 09:35 (UTC)
It may depend on which style you use.

I'd just got it set up the way I wanted it and they had a code push which totally borked the sidebar. Now I need to get someone to post the sidebar code so I can get it working without my hacks.

I just noticed the teeny lj user icon has an eyepatch. Aaarr!
25th Sep, 2006 23:29 (UTC)
I thought it was a fringe!!! I was being so dense that day. But then i realised, once you said it, and i went on to CuteOverload and we spend most of the evening swabbing the decks and swashing the mainsail and chucking each other overboard. Aaar! It was great fun. :D
7th Sep, 2006 03:27 (UTC)
7th Sep, 2006 05:06 (UTC)
7th Sep, 2006 06:01 (UTC)
*laughs* Andrew is so lovable and Sholeh will go far.
7th Sep, 2006 07:06 (UTC)
Sholeh may be the only one to graduate this class. She certainly seems to be the only one with a clue.
12th Sep, 2006 19:12 (UTC)
kids on pogo sticks may be in serious trouble.

Volunteers one her own offspring to find out!!
12th Sep, 2006 21:21 (UTC)
Don't blame me if you're inundated with clueless junior Slayers. And yay! for jaffa cakes.
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