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Rose dropped onto the sofa beside the Doctor with a grin.

"You look pleased with yourself, Rose Tyler."

"Jack was showing me his telescope and explaining how he'd set it up to witness the triple moon rise tonight until I pointed out he'd aimed it at the building opposite."

The Doctor threw back his head with a laugh. "How did he take that?"

"He asked me if I wanted to take in the earlier show from the balcony or as a participant." She scuffed her trainers on the carpet. "Can't say you didn't warn me this trip would be educational."


dw100challenge #131: stargazing


4th Sep, 2006 19:48 (UTC)
oh... and i meant to say, you're sick? hope you're feeling better. :)
4th Sep, 2006 21:36 (UTC)
I think Jack is probably quite pleased with himself.

I got the minor version of a nasty bug going around. Pretty much over it aside from a leftover cough that sounds like I'm trying to hack up a lung. Most annoying.
6th Sep, 2006 14:36 (UTC)
Yuck, sorry about that. Hope it passes fast. At least before you lose any vital organs.