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Way back in January there was something of a kerfuffle in the Buffy fandom over the discovery of a rather prolific plagiarist on BloopDiary. One particular wingnut decided that all the authors whose work had been stolen were liars and were in fact plagiarists themselves. The BloopDiary plagiarist had the guts to own up to her mistake and apologise.

Unlike the plagiarist, irishvampire13 was never one to admit she's wrong and, rather than answer for her behaviour, I received a retaliatory drive-by trolling [screenshot] on my FictionPress account.

Her trolling is usually performed by stealth, where she hits her friends of friends list and comments on the LJs of strangers. Most of the comments are benign, if a little weird and stalkery to the LJ owner; but, on occasion there's the mindless and the really nasty. A few examples of irishvampire13 at her bampot best:
And what does dredging up the past actions of a troll have to do with the price of fish, I hear you ask. Well, the internets doth bring the amusement and their tubes have been bountiful today, as it appears that irishvampire13 is trolling again. I figure if she's trolling me, it's a safe bet she's trolling others. Consider this a public service announcement.

via FictionPress: [screenshot]

Aye, she's got talent, alright.

Pity but she's a horrendous bitch, deep down.
via the Pit of Voles: [screenshot]

You WOULD do that to the poor Doctor.
Well, no, I'm not a bitch, but I am a shit-stirrer. If you're stupid enough to behave like an idiot in a public forum, do not be surprised if someone calls you out for public ridicule.



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(Deleted comment)
23rd Aug, 2006 11:46 (UTC)
Never thought I see the day when the Prattle loons were out-pathetic-ed, but she doesn't come anywhere near matching the sheer nuttery of QuePirate or the unbelievable thickness of Ariel.
(Deleted comment)
23rd Aug, 2006 12:12 (UTC)
She has hit your LJ in the past, but you scored the benign comment, rather than the batshit insane. That may soon change.

The Prattle can always do with some more converts. Or bampots.
(Deleted comment)
23rd Aug, 2006 12:38 (UTC)
I'm pretty sure there's more than this one, but I can't recall anything particularly nasty. I did see her get flamed by the crowd on warren_ellis when she decided to play inappropriate grammar Nazi. I was like watching the CoFD wield the cluebat.

You've managed to cast your net fairly wide with the latest crop, so I'd expect at least one loony comment. Seems a shame if they keep their gibbering to themselves.
(Deleted comment)
23rd Aug, 2006 21:42 (UTC)
And people wonder why I tend to avoid cons. It isn't only because of the furries.

I take it the new story made it. Why on earth is the council hiring someone to sit around and twiddle their thumbs (unless it's a job for a mate) when they could just pack a local social worker off to a specialist course instead? More money than sense. Do they sack councils for corruption and stupidity in your neck of the woods?
23rd Aug, 2006 12:02 (UTC)
Ahaha, man. I'm not even in that fandom and I heard about her.
23rd Aug, 2006 12:16 (UTC)
As a writer, you hope for renown amongst your peers. Most people strive for a reputation based on their skills, rather than their tremendous lack of clue and incredible foot-in-mouthness.

You can't say LJ doesn't bring teh amusement. And it spreads its love far and wide.
23rd Aug, 2006 13:21 (UTC)
irishvampire13... I've heard that name somewhere before and not just from your livejournal entry. I'm fairly sure I was having a conversation about her with another friend whose journal she hit. Again, inane comments that give her away to be the 5 year old (am I being overgenerous?) she is. Could it be possible that she is that naive? I find it hard to belive but ... There are amazingly dumb people on the internet!

Sorry to hear that you are suffering at the hands of a drive by troller. Here's hoping she gets bored soon.
23rd Aug, 2006 21:22 (UTC)
Not suffering, just amused by the childish behaviour of someone who can't let go of a problem that doesn't exist.

Sorry to hear you've had a tangental brush with her. Most people seem to keep quiet about their bouts with this particular troll, so I thought it worthwhile to mention that these incidents are not the isolated attacks they seem to be.
23rd Aug, 2006 15:40 (UTC)
As stupid and, yes, fuckwitted as what she does (note the present tense, as I'm sure it's not likely to stop anytime soon) to you and a lot of others, what I think I'll never forgive her for is the vitriol she spat at Storm and Pheral. Usually she just comes across as inane and psychotic, which is something that can be mocked and/or ignored for the pathetic blather of a social outcast that it is. But how she reacted to Storm and Pheral? That was just mean.

That act crossed the line from annoying nuissance to Bitchy McBitch as far as I was concerned, and I was more than glad to do my part to eradicate her by banning her (thanks for showing me how, btw!) and deleting all her comments from my LJ -- even the innocuous ones. That's the point when I decided even being tangentally associated to her was an affront to my sense of reason. You should be proud of me though, for I did not give into the temptation to spit hate back at her, if only because I'm sure that's exactly what she was trying to achieve. If nothing else, her extensive list of "Friends Rules" already amply demonstrates how much she believes the universe revolves around her. I have no desire to feed her inflated ego.
23rd Aug, 2006 21:34 (UTC)
I was far from impressed at her attack on Storm and Pheral. To walk in the door as a complete stranger and verbally attack someone is unforgivable.

I'm embarrassed to say I didn't ban her immediately after that, but I was waiting to hear an apology on the matter. Silly me. I obviously didn't get the memo that she's always right. The only mention I saw on the matter was a locked post claiming that'd she'd been the victim herself. No apology, just claimed victimhood. The classic hallmarks of troll and exactly the same tactics used by another pair of trolls who lurk in the Buffy fandom (although they play the bait and switch game rather than stalking strangers).

Generally, the rule of mailing lists is not to feed the troll. Pointing and laughing on the other hand may serve to let others know the silliness that lurks online.
23rd Aug, 2006 22:15 (UTC)
Ah, yes, I remember her. Even Toly remembers her, and he hardly ever looks at my LJ. ;D
23rd Aug, 2006 22:35 (UTC)
She does seem to be memorable, just not for the right reasons.
24th Aug, 2006 03:09 (UTC)
Eek! I was surprised to see myself under the Pit of Voles screenshot. Here I was, thinking "Thank goodness I'm in no way involved in this" ... But I am, of course -- we all are. People like that tend to screw the the world for all of us.

I have different opinions in various areas from many of my flist, and on occasion I've pissed a few of them off -- but I've *never* done it on purpose, and even if we continued to disagree I've always tried to find common ground and not make it personal. What's the point in going around purposefully leaving hate and discontent in your wake? Life's too short, to coin a phrase.

And why would ANYONE ever disrespect redwolfoz?
24th Aug, 2006 06:46 (UTC)
It would be a sad place if we all had the same beliefs, but there's a big difference between agreeing to disagree and leaving a spleen dump for no reason, running off to hide, then running back for another shot in six months time. I think this stands out as silly behaviour worth a good point and laugh.

And why would ANYONE ever disrespect redwolfoz?

Because there's something wrong with you and venting for no reason makes you feel happy? Buggered if I know. I'm not alone in this or a specific target, I'm just spleen dump of the day, before she moves on and dumps on someone else.

If you want your details smooshed on the screencap, I'm happy to oblige.
24th Aug, 2006 14:02 (UTC)
details smooshed? Nah, detail away! Life's too short to live in fear, just as it's too short to spend all your time making other people miserable.

Personally, I'd feel horrible if I thought everyone who encountered me walked away from it angry and unhappy. I'd like everyone to come out of meeting me with a big smile on their face. It's not like we need more people out there spreading misery.
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