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This Public Service Announcement brought to you by the letter T...

Way back in January there was something of a kerfuffle in the Buffy fandom over the discovery of a rather prolific plagiarist on BloopDiary. One particular wingnut decided that all the authors whose work had been stolen were liars and were in fact plagiarists themselves. The BloopDiary plagiarist had the guts to own up to her mistake and apologise.

Unlike the plagiarist, irishvampire13 was never one to admit she's wrong and, rather than answer for her behaviour, I received a retaliatory drive-by trolling [screenshot] on my FictionPress account.

Her trolling is usually performed by stealth, where she hits her friends of friends list and comments on the LJs of strangers. Most of the comments are benign, if a little weird and stalkery to the LJ owner; but, on occasion there's the mindless and the really nasty. A few examples of irishvampire13 at her bampot best:
And what does dredging up the past actions of a troll have to do with the price of fish, I hear you ask. Well, the internets doth bring the amusement and their tubes have been bountiful today, as it appears that irishvampire13 is trolling again. I figure if she's trolling me, it's a safe bet she's trolling others. Consider this a public service announcement.

via FictionPress: [screenshot]

Aye, she's got talent, alright.

Pity but she's a horrendous bitch, deep down.
via the Pit of Voles: [screenshot]

You WOULD do that to the poor Doctor.
Well, no, I'm not a bitch, but I am a shit-stirrer. If you're stupid enough to behave like an idiot in a public forum, do not be surprised if someone calls you out for public ridicule.
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