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Dellamorte Dellamore

Dellamorte DellamoreThe groans of approaching zombies were nearly drowned out by the whirring of the spaceship shaped disc launcher and Nerf gattling gun. And their giggles, of course.

They'd discarded the dart guns early in the battle as being too slow to load, that, and the suction cups sticking them to the screen soon obscured the view.

Dawn was claiming victory in numbers because she took out the busload of children, where Spike argued that he'd easily dispatched more villagers and insisted that Dawn be penalised for repeatedly shooting Rupert Everett by mistake.

Dellamorte Dellamore was fast becoming Dawn's favourite film.

100 word drabble challenge for wednesdayainternicine
Part of the Mischief!verse


( 5 howls — talk to the wolf )
18th Mar, 2004 10:10 (UTC)
YAY! ::claps hands:: I like. That really sounds like a fun thing to do. Hmm...Note to self: Buy toy gun. Thank-y, I enjoyed it a lot. Toddle pip, Wednesday.
18th Mar, 2004 10:44 (UTC)
So happy you liked it. The next ficlet is a prequel to this one.

Yes, I do write all over the place, but I had the urge for Xander to behave like and arse and Spike to respond with a toy dart gun.
11th Nov, 2004 03:01 (UTC)
Lol! That was cute. :-D
11th Nov, 2004 03:20 (UTC)
It's a fun game, I highly recommend it.
15th Nov, 2004 07:12 (UTC)
Hehe, sounds tempting. The most I've ever done was make up ridiculous dialogue for silent films.
( 5 howls — talk to the wolf )