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Stooping to pick a damaged metal object from the mess, Spike noted that it smelled of blood. "This wouldn't have anything to do with a phone call that consisted of a shriek, a thump and a dismissal would it?"

Dawn explained that Rachel has been excited over managing to assemble their new flat pack bookcase with the cryptic instructions. She'd just finished when they were attacked by a rampaging Hefrelth demon and Rachel had swung around, accidentally decapitated their assailant with a spirit level.

Spike laughed in admiration. "Remind me to stay away from that girl when she's wielding tools."


open_on_sundaychallenge #177: soul/spirit
Part of the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


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14th Aug, 2006 13:23 (UTC)
lol, i wanna hear that phonecall.
14th Aug, 2006 21:16 (UTC)
I would expect it was literally a shriek, a thump, then a curt Never mind as Dawn hangs up to make a quick call through to Giles to organise a cleaning crew. Just enough to make you panic and wonder what the hell is going on.
16th Aug, 2006 09:29 (UTC)
lol, things like that just make me laugh. like when someone trips up behind the main action on-camera. i'm a fool for slapstick, when it's done right.
14th Aug, 2006 15:15 (UTC)
Another enjoyable part of this verse.
14th Aug, 2006 21:17 (UTC)
Many thanks!
15th Aug, 2006 09:03 (UTC)
Wow, Rachel is impressive. She actually managed to assemble furniture; color me jealous.
15th Aug, 2006 09:19 (UTC)
It was a good day, she assembled the furniture and disassembled the demon.
15th Aug, 2006 10:36 (UTC)
Adam -- worst of both worlds
One thing I've learned as a firefighter is that destruction is a whole lot easier than building something. I'll take a demon over assembling office furniture, any day. Unless I had to assemble the demon.
16th Aug, 2006 10:50 (UTC)
Wow, that was some phone call! :D I liked how you phrased that accidental decapitation part.
16th Aug, 2006 11:32 (UTC)
I like the old comedy routine of the guy spinning around and not realising he's smacked his workmate in the head with the ladder. Sometimes you just have to run with the classics.
( 10 howls — talk to the wolf )