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"Can I? Please..." Rose batted her eyelashes and smiled adorably.

"No. Now get back to the infirmary." The Doctor ground his teeth and went back to his calculations.

A badly timed visit to a convention had seen them assaulted by the shock troops of high pressure, soft furnishing salesmen. Rose had become accidentally indoctrinated after eating drug laced hors d'oeuvres and had been trying to redecorate the console room ever since.

If he didn't find an antidote soon, he'd be faced with the prospect of strangling Rose in her sleep to escape the nightmare of a Laura Ashley flavoured TARDIS.


dw100challenge #128: phobia


15th Aug, 2006 09:22 (UTC)
I think so.

When looking for a house years back, I went through one where the walls were pink, the carpet was pink and there were hideous pink wallpaper borders both near the ceiling and at chair height. As the lady of the house was nowhere to be seen, I assumed her husband had snapped, killed her and buried the corpse in the backyard. The house was horrifying.
15th Aug, 2006 10:33 (UTC)
Sounds like it wouldn't be worth redecorating -- only a flamethrower would be good enough to erase the ghost of pink.

The ancient wallpaper on my house is also horrifying, but at least it's not pink.