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Rose looked across the market square, noting that it wasn't that different from home in that you could spot the obnoxious tourists by their loud manner and even louder clothing.

She looked up into a sky that was an odd shade of green, closing her eyes as the breeze riffled through her hair. It was all so familiar, but slightly off, like something was missing.

The Doctor came tearing around the corner, grabbing her by the hand and dragging her along in his wake.

Rose grinned. Nothing said adventure quite like being chased by offended members of the local constabulary.


dw100challenge #126: vacation
dw100challenge #127: forgetful


( 8 howls — talk to the wolf )
7th Aug, 2006 02:18 (UTC)
Any of those tourists with a ten foot scarf or rainbow jacket? I'd love to see Jack flirt with Number 4, knowing Four he just flirt right back.
7th Aug, 2006 15:43 (UTC)
Awww, cute!
7th Aug, 2006 21:09 (UTC)
Many thanks!
8th Aug, 2006 12:40 (UTC)
aww, lol, i love the imagery and her grin of happiness as they take off.
8th Aug, 2006 21:17 (UTC)
The familiar can be fun.
12th Aug, 2006 07:20 (UTC)
Ah, yes, I remember when I was young enough to think getting chased by the cops was an adventure ... actually, no I don't. But Rose and the Doctor would!
12th Aug, 2006 10:51 (UTC)
It does seem to occur with alarming regularity.
12th Aug, 2006 21:29 (UTC)
That's just proof that they're going somewhere in life! Or, well, at least going somewhere.
( 8 howls — talk to the wolf )