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Rose looked across the console room. "You've gone all quiet and tool-fondly again. What're you thinking about?"

The Doctor turned a spanner over in his hands. "There used to be this place called The Nut House where you could get just about anything. You know, I once found a set of Phisorgian sockets there and they shouldn't have been available for another three hundred years. It was an amazing place."

Rose blinked. "Nut house? Would that be edible nuts or an insane asylum?"

The Doctor looked horrified. "Fasteners. You know, imperial, metric, Whitworth."

"Ah," Rose nodded. "It's a loony bin."


dw100challenge #124: remember
dw100challenge #125: nuts


31st Jul, 2006 11:18 (UTC)
Years ago there was one particular comic strip I saw tacked up at the local hardware store. It had an alien - the usual "grey" type - asking the old hardware guy about a particular alien tool. "I'm looking for a left-handed Mxygorn staple shifter, the one in 3/16mm." The old guy thinks about it for a couple of panels, and then in the last panel the alien is telling his friends about it and showing off his tool, saying "I love these small-town hardware stores!"

(It's probably funnier than when I tell it. But the point is still the same - some stores gots it!)
31st Jul, 2006 11:43 (UTC)
I reckon you'd be surprised the stuff those guys horde. They're probably out there in the desert with their ham radios, trying to first on the scene of a downed UFO to scavenge tools and doohickeys off it.