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Rose looked across the console room. "You've gone all quiet and tool-fondly again. What're you thinking about?"

The Doctor turned a spanner over in his hands. "There used to be this place called The Nut House where you could get just about anything. You know, I once found a set of Phisorgian sockets there and they shouldn't have been available for another three hundred years. It was an amazing place."

Rose blinked. "Nut house? Would that be edible nuts or an insane asylum?"

The Doctor looked horrified. "Fasteners. You know, imperial, metric, Whitworth."

"Ah," Rose nodded. "It's a loony bin."


dw100challenge #124: remember
dw100challenge #125: nuts


31st Jul, 2006 11:07 (UTC)

*hugs your Rose*

At some point tomorrow at work, I shall think of this drabble at an inappropriate moment and chuckle inappropriately. Just so you know. *g*
31st Jul, 2006 11:40 (UTC)
Thank you!

The Nut House does exist. It was always a great source of amusement at work.