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Rachel flattened herself against the wall as the dogs barrelled past her, leashes trailing in their wake. Catching her balance, she turned to see Dawn slumped against the doorjamb with a fresh graze on her forehead. "What happened to you?"

"Your monsters dragged me three blocks, including an entertaining detour where they took divergent paths around a tree, before I discovered they were chasing a freaking ice cream van."

"So, did you get them one?" Rachel grinned, picturing the dogs' excited ice cream dances.

"Of course," Dawn sighed. "But give a girl some warning next time. Trees aren't soft."


open_on_sundaychallenge #173: heat
Part of the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


18th Jul, 2006 21:37 (UTC)
There is a special ice cream dance. It even overrides the dinner dance.

The little fella knows both ice cream vans. One is the usual soft serve ice cream van (henceforth known as the cursed ice cream man) and the other is a home delivery type service. As the cursed ice cream man is a deaf, old bastard, with no concept of service, the little guy doesn't score ice cream unless the kids at the other end of the street blockade him until they can drag a money-bearing adult out to buy them stuff. Otherwise, by the time I hear him, he's already turned around to leave.

Last weekend the kids had corralled the cursed ice cream man, so I walked up about six houses. I was three houses from home and I could hear Husky's excited squeaking at the front door. He does like his ice cream.
22nd Jul, 2006 14:33 (UTC)
that's so adorable. and i can just imagine the children circling the ice-cream man, shifty eyes making sure he doesn't make a run for it. why is it ice-cream men are some of the nastiest? we seem to have the quota of nice ones around here, which is good. i've been feasting on screwballs so much recently.

and happy birthday for yesterday! :D