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"We might have a problem." Rachel handed Spike a thick file. "Wolf and Ceallach got tied up at Heathrow, so they're working together instead of being partnered with Dawn and Andrew as planned."

"The last thing we need is that pair locked in a conference room full of suits." Spike could see the job falling apart in front of him. After three hours of corporate team bonding, the women would be twitchy and ready to gut the first person who looked cross-eyed at them.

Rachel grinned. "Can we bar the door?"

Spike snorted. "You've been working here way too long."


open_on_sundaychallenge #172: cats/kittens
Part of the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


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10th Jul, 2006 16:41 (UTC)
Man, I wish something like that had happened at a couple of the corporate training sessions I had to sit through when I was a long-term temp at a software company.
10th Jul, 2006 21:15 (UTC)
Try working for a real estate tech company. The tech bit is fine, it's the real estate that's the killer. ::shudder:: If it wasn't for the proper team building afterwards, lots of alcohol at the pub, lives would have been lost.
10th Jul, 2006 22:23 (UTC)
Who is Ceallach? I don't think I remember her.
10th Jul, 2006 22:32 (UTC)
You can find Ceallach in the tags.
11th Jul, 2006 05:39 (UTC)
Back from Melbourne, I take it? And judging by the current topic of the drabble, the company wankfest was just as arduous as expected? Poor Wolf... and you probably didn't even get to eviscerate anyone.

Which is a shame, as I'm sure pheral would have been more than happy to assist. ;P
11th Jul, 2006 07:02 (UTC)
I knew it would be awful, I just didn't expect a physical reaction to the horribleness of it. Don't know why not, it was just a more extreme version of what I'm like when I have to deal with crowds.

I don't think they could have handled me and pheral at once. Although it may have resulted in less bollocks speaking managers to deal with next time around.
12th Jul, 2006 04:40 (UTC)
"twitchy and ready to gut the first person who looked cross-eyed at them." ...

I believe I've dated those women ...
12th Jul, 2006 04:57 (UTC)
You may want to look at hiding the knives next time.
12th Jul, 2006 06:35 (UTC)
Now you tell me.
14th Jul, 2006 13:03 (UTC)
lmao, god, team bonding. i can smell the blood from here. >:P
14th Jul, 2006 13:28 (UTC)
The last place you want to be is locked in a room full of over-excited sales suits at a conference. Surely that classes as justifiable homicide.
18th Jul, 2006 10:12 (UTC)
damn straight.
14th Jul, 2006 20:12 (UTC)
Must catch up with this Wolf!verse - I keep on promising myself *slaps own wrist*
( 13 howls — talk to the wolf )