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Theory And Practice

Theory And PracticeDawn had been such an enthusiastic student, soon exhausting Spike's knowledge, that he'd been forced to rope Giles into their pact. Delighted at finally having an eager and adept pupil, Giles took over theory, leaving Spike to concentrate on practical.

They started with unarmed combat. Spike arguing that it would give Dawn a good grounding before they worked their way through to weapons.

Throwing Spike in a surprise move, Dawn spun as her feet were yanked from beneath her and she sprawled atop the vampire.

"I wouldn't recommend trying that in the field, Bit."

"I'll save it just for you."

open_on_sundaychallenge #51: training
Part of the Training!verse


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15th Mar, 2004 05:14 (UTC)
I don't know how you do it. You take a word like 'chainsaw' or 'training' and turn it into a spawny adventure. Loved the Giles bit, I can see him being all happy that he has someone to babble his demonic knowledge to.
15th Mar, 2004 05:46 (UTC)
I like the challenges. And, as I'm still recovering from a three year hiatus of not writing, I'm enjoying the short fiction exercises.

A ways back, I offered to do a challenge for dacie429 but she never took me up on it. The lovely leni_ba did, hence the chainsaw induced adventure that spawned (pun intended) five stories so far.

Want to try me? Check out the rules.
15th Mar, 2004 07:58 (UTC)
::laughs nervously:: *you* want *me* to challenge *you*. But I'd get all freaked out if you don't like the word I picked. I'm a very paranoid individual. My mind is a blank right now. You've thrown me with this challenge of giving you a challenge. Damn this feeble brain of mine.
15th Mar, 2004 12:37 (UTC)
Do you have a favourite word? Go to dictionary.com and pick the word of the day, or the word of the day on your birthday (they have an archive going back a few years for choice). This was a challenge used on open_on_sunday a while back.

Or look out the window. Find something on your desk. Whatever's on telly. Have fun.
16th Mar, 2004 04:49 (UTC)
I went to the site and looked up my birthday and this is what I got: internecine. Trust. Well, have fun.
16th Mar, 2004 21:05 (UTC)
Internicine means: Mutually destructive; ruinous or fatal to both sides not trust.

Which one do your prefer? And do you want to go ficlet or drabble?
17th Mar, 2004 00:55 (UTC)
Oh, no, i just meant trust me to get a word like that. I'm a tad on the destructive side. Go with 'internicine'. I don't mind if it's a ficlet or drabble, not picky ^_^ Just make it spawnish and I'll be happy.
16th Mar, 2004 00:17 (UTC)
Today I have read this drabble and your previous spawn-drabbles and they all are really fantastic!!, and especially I like that they are spawn-friendship-fics but some of them have a very very small touch of flirting, and the result of this combination is really wonderful!!
Your Spike/Dawn adventures are always so funny!!! :)
16th Mar, 2004 09:39 (UTC)
I'm really pleased that you've enjoyed my Spike/Dawn stories, many thanks for the feedback.
(Deleted comment)
16th Mar, 2004 09:47 (UTC)
All my Jossverse stuff, mostly Spike/Dawn at the moment, is listed under memories, there are drabbles and a few longer ficlets, but nothing longer than that.
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