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Ambuscade 01: Decompression

The Doctor hurried his companions along, but before he could get his sonic screwdriver out to secure the door behind them, there was the solid thunk of a lock, followed by the hiss of pressurisation.

Jack looked over his shoulder. "That didn't sound good."

The Doctor prodded experimentally at a monitor by the entrance. "It's better than being chased by an enthusiastic dustbin on wheels."

Jack shrugged. "Any idea where we are?"

"I think I know." Rose uncovered a window with a flourish and threw the external lights. A small fish darted out of view. "Could it get any worse?"


dw100challenge #122: under the sea
Part of the Ambuscade!verse
Tags: ambuscade, doctor who, fan fiction, fiction, jack harkness, ninth doctor, rose tyler

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