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It took the Doctor quite some time to realise that the appreciative comments from his companions were not in relation to his in-depth commentary on architecture. Nor were their gasps of appreciation over the restoration work being done to bring the building back to its former glory.

Far from admiring the work of one of the universe's greatest artists, Rose and Jack were drooling over the local talent.

"Mmm..." Rose was watching a pair of burly stonemasons work on a column. "Nice lines." Jack made gurgling noises of agreement.

The Doctor sighed. Humans were so easily distracted by shiny objects.


dw100challenge #120: hard work
dw100challenge #121: ooo... shiny!


18th Jun, 2006 08:03 (UTC)
censored out
So am I -- I was a bit taken aback when he kissed the Doctor right on the lips, and I'm easy. (*gasp* We don't DO that on American TV! It's okay for women to kiss, but men ...)