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Spike fished his ringing mobile out of a pocket, smiling as recognised the familiar number on the display. "How'd the meeting go?"

Rachel looked up from her work as Spike started to get louder and his side of the conversation degenerated into repeating Dawn. He seemed surprised when she cut him off. "How on earth did she use Andrew as a weapon?"

Glancing across at Rachel, Spike had a look of bewilderment on his face. "Fed him kebabs and beer then stuck him on a playground roundabout."

"Eew... I'd do a runner at beer and garlic sauce projectile vomit too."


open_on_sundaychallenge #168: dizzy
Part of the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


12th Jun, 2006 12:46 (UTC)
ewwwwww. :P
12th Jun, 2006 12:53 (UTC)
Well, it did make the bad men run away.
12th Jun, 2006 13:35 (UTC)
this is true, but man, sometimes the end does not justify the means. lol.