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The Doctor grinned widely, but couldn't come to Rose's aid until Jack composed himself and, with the way Jack was laughing, the Doctor suspected it might be some time before he could detach the man from his side.

Rose glared at them both from her less than comfortable vantage point. If it wasn't for the shock of the hideous sculpture that decorated the length of the building's far wall, she wouldn't have made the unpleasant discovery that early automatic doors had a blind spot.

"When you've quite finished enjoying yourselves, would you stomp on the pressure pad to release me?"


dw100challenge #119: open and closed


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10th Jun, 2006 23:52 (UTC)
lol!! perfect.

it's a pity you're not so into the Tennant incarnation, and i hope you're still watching them despite that because tonight's episode had some fantastic stuff for the friendship/whatever between him and rose.
11th Jun, 2006 01:11 (UTC)
The torrent has just finished now, so shall see it in a little bit. Last week's episode has probably been my favourite of this year so far, so I've been looking forward to seeing the second half.
11th Jun, 2006 11:36 (UTC)
Excellent, you'll enjoy it i think, it was quite tense! A great conclusion.

I actually adored the ep with Madame Pompadore (can't spell it, grr). I don't think i've ever found a Doctor Who ep so emotional. and i loved the bad guys.
11th Jun, 2006 02:17 (UTC)
Aww, cute! *pets poor, disgruntled Rose*
11th Jun, 2006 04:10 (UTC)
My sister was eaten by automatic doors as a child. It was most amusing, although she didn't think so.
11th Jun, 2006 04:21 (UTC)
You know Jack and Rose (and me) would love to see a Nine/Ten love-a-thon.
11th Jun, 2006 06:36 (UTC)
Not from me you won't.
11th Jun, 2006 06:40 (UTC)
Oh ok.
11th Jun, 2006 07:15 (UTC)
Poor Rose ... I've actually seen something similar happen to people before. Even the most sympathetic has trouble not laughing.
11th Jun, 2006 07:32 (UTC)
It's certainly more amusing from an audience perspective.
11th Jun, 2006 10:31 (UTC)
( 11 howls — talk to the wolf )