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Taking a deep breath, Andrew knocked on the door. A client had dropped in unexpectedly and Andrew had lost the toss to bring the meeting to Spike's attention.

Spike fumbled the door open and stared at Andrew through bleary eyes. "Meeting?"

"Sorry to wake you up at the crack of noon, but it's the Chartland account."

Andrew caught Spike's arm as he pushed past him and headed for the stairs. "You may want to rethink the t-shirt."

Spike looked down at Dawn's hot pink Red Hot Lover tank top and wandered back to get dressed.

"Trousers wouldn't go astray either."


open_on_sundaychallenge #167: hot/cold
Part of the London!verse


6th Jun, 2006 00:59 (UTC)
Lol! Good thing for Spike that Andrew won the toss. Dawn would have probably let him go to the meeting in that state.

Great drabble.
6th Jun, 2006 01:30 (UTC)
Either that or they wouldn't have made it to the meeting at all.
6th Jun, 2006 01:50 (UTC)
That's probably the more likely scenario!