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SurrogateRachel's excitement over her father visiting from Canada meant that the office had been turned into the London tourist bureau while she pondered potential sightseeing destinations for the week.

In a perfect world, Dawn would have taken the opportunity to catch up with her own father, but they'd had no common ground to stand on for years.

There was only one person in the world that understood her like a father. As he opened the door and invited her in, Dawn hugged him and handed him her gift; a bottle of rather exceptional single malt Scotch.

"Happy Father's Day, Giles."


open_on_sundaychallenge #117: fathers
Part of the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


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(Deleted comment)
20th Jun, 2005 07:20 (UTC)
It worked for me and it was a chance to have Giles recognised in that way.
20th Jun, 2005 06:32 (UTC)
Having actually just picked my father up from the airport a few minutes ago, this strikes a particular resonance with me. Makes me feel like it was written just for me... thanks for that. :)

And I likes that Giles is the rightful recipient of Dawn's daughterly love. Giles was a good father to all the scoobies, much better than their own, and he rarely got as much appreciation for that as he should have. Ungrateful lot.

Quick typo: ...to catch up with her own father,...
20th Jun, 2005 07:23 (UTC)
I had the urge for Giles appreciation.

And as for writing this for you on purpose, that depends on whether you've been poking the muse or not. Which is not out of the question, there are many things the muse doesn't tell me.

Thanks for the typo catch. There was a her there, I have no idea what I did with it.
20th Jun, 2005 07:16 (UTC)
Yes, definitely Giles! You pack a lot of emotion into those 100 words.
20th Jun, 2005 07:24 (UTC)
Many thanks! Nice to have the muse firing on all cylinders again.
20th Jun, 2005 08:23 (UTC)
Very sweet! Gives me that phuzzy warm feeling. Good old Giles.
20th Jun, 2005 12:42 (UTC)
Stabbing things with chopsticks also gives you a fuzzy warm feeling, but am happy you liked it.
20th Jun, 2005 20:36 (UTC)
Heck, that's very true. I wonder what would happen to my tummy if i stabbed Giles with chopsticks.
20th Jun, 2005 23:07 (UTC)
::quickly swaps Giles for Xander::

Now have at him...
21st Jun, 2005 12:15 (UTC)
oooOOOOH! ::chopchopchopstickstickstick::
22nd Jun, 2005 03:34 (UTC)
OMG, you guys. Such violence...*shakes my head* :D Kidding, kidding.

And an awwwww for the drabble. :D
22nd Jun, 2005 03:58 (UTC)
I don't know, you say violence like it's a bad thing. It's not like Xander will miss those internal organs.

Nice to hear you liked the drabble.
22nd Jun, 2005 19:54 (UTC)
Yeah, I suppose it all depends on which organs pheral is busy skewering over there, doesn't it? :D
22nd Jun, 2005 20:33 (UTC)
so hard to choose...

::shoves a chopstick up your nose and wiggles it around a bit::
22nd Jun, 2005 20:57 (UTC)
Ohh, dear. "All in good fun"?
22nd Jun, 2005 21:05 (UTC)
If by fun you mean 'agonising torture', then yes. >:P
22nd Jun, 2005 21:37 (UTC)
Even my weird friends have weird friends.
22nd Jun, 2005 22:08 (UTC)
Do I have to send the pair of you to your rooms?

If you don't play nice with irishvampire13, I'll be forced to take away your chopsticks, tie you to a chair and force you to watch Xander having sex with Buffy.

I think we'll all agree that counts as cruel and unusual punishment. I'm sure you'd prefer tying gaffer taping Buffy to the chair and showing her how it's done properly. With chopsticks. And possibly whips. Mmm... whips... I'm sure I can even dig up a nice cleaver somewhere.
22nd Jun, 2005 22:19 (UTC)
I'd go :P at pheral if I didn't think you'd turn around and berate me, as well. So I'll behave. *smiles sweetly*
23rd Jun, 2005 04:33 (UTC)
With or without the naked distract-o-Xander (Buffy module sold separately)?

Maybe I should give you both a pet Xander to play with and see who comes up with the most creative use for him. I'm not entirely sure he would survive the experience.
23rd Jun, 2005 04:46 (UTC)
Eh, I'm harmless. For the most part. Not too certain he'd survive your chopstick-prone buddy, however. :D Besides, there are very few people (actually, there's only one) I'd ever care to see disrobed. I'd probably just give him a place to hide from the chopsticks. Lord knows he might need it.
23rd Jun, 2005 05:01 (UTC)
You could cover him in tinsel and use him as furniture. I'm sure he'd make a lovely occasional table.

I think the comment thread has ended up more interesting than the drabble.

I'm just happy my cursed DVD burning session has finally agreed to work and actually burn DVDs instead of making plastic coasters.
23rd Jun, 2005 05:08 (UTC)
That sounds quite pretty, actually. I might have to give that some thought.

And one can never have too many plastic coasters. Maybe. I don't know; I may have to rethink that.
23rd Jun, 2005 05:16 (UTC)
A friend of mine is after dead CDs. She turns them into drop spindles to teach kids how to spin yarn. She'll be quite happy at the pile of dead DVDs she's getting.
23rd Jun, 2005 05:30 (UTC)
That's good, then. Shame that they're wasted, but it's a relief to know someone will get good use from them.
23rd Jun, 2005 12:18 (UTC)
You could cover him in tinsel and use him as furniture. I'm sure he'd make a lovely occasional table.

lmao. and then i could add a candlelit centrepiece. i imagine, the less i elaborate on that idea the more dodgy it shall sound.
22nd Jun, 2005 23:55 (UTC)
dangit, you sure know howta ruin my fun ::spits a la cowboy::

With chopsticks. And possibly whips. Mmm... whips... I'm sure I can even dig up a nice cleaver somewhere.

eeyyy! (a la fonz) But i refuse to wear pcv-leather and heels. REFUSE. I will be wearing jeans and steel capped boots and a ragged leather jacket. ::snarls::
23rd Jun, 2005 04:36 (UTC)
So Xander will be wearing the PVC leather and spiked heels? It seems oddly appropriate. Do you keep him in a box like the Gimp?
23rd Jun, 2005 12:24 (UTC)
::snort:: he'll be wearing the spiked heels alright, just not in the regular place. Mmm.. pointy.

But i haven't a flaming monkey's idea what a Gimp is. :s
23rd Jun, 2005 12:38 (UTC)
::shakes head:: You so need to see Pulp Fiction.
23rd Jun, 2005 21:28 (UTC)
aha. i see. i saw it when i was about 17 i think, watching it on tape covertly in moments when my parents were not in the tv room. i'd snap the channels back when they walked in, and they'd invariably be constantly confused as to why i was watching programs on DIY door hinges, or something.

I can't remember what a Gimp refers to, but i remember Bruce, and snooker balls. Mmm.
23rd Jun, 2005 22:28 (UTC)
Remember the two good old boys in the pawn shop who took Bruce and Ving prisoner? The Gimp was the guy in the bondage suit that they kept in a box in the basement.
24th Jun, 2005 13:15 (UTC)
shit, i do remember that! crikey, so long ago... ah, good times.
23rd Jun, 2005 04:47 (UTC)
Fonzie? I ♥! :D
23rd Jun, 2005 12:19 (UTC)
him and his crazy dancing and his coolness and his being wierdly 30 years older than every other student on that show. ::worships the fonz::
23rd Jun, 2005 04:52 (UTC)
*stares at that hella long string* I get the distinct impression that this has gotten dreadfully out of hand.
23rd Jun, 2005 05:17 (UTC)
Think of pheral as my feline counterpart, but with a chopstick fetish instead of a thing for edged weapons.

I ran across pheral via moonbeamsfanfic, who I have known for years, she thought we'd either get on or kill each other.

The friends of friends thing is wacky and most amusing. But I'm easily amused. And easily distracted by shiny things.
23rd Jun, 2005 05:29 (UTC)
This whole thread has been insanely entertaining. Frankly, I'm amazed that I've survived it. I mean, food utensils + nasal cavities don't always = joyful times. :D
23rd Jun, 2005 12:16 (UTC)
I mean, food utensils + nasal cavities don't always = joyful times

ach, you know you love it.

she thought we'd either get on or kill each other.

frankly, i reckon either way we'd be having fun. >:P
24th Jun, 2005 00:32 (UTC)
I get a strange feeling that you might be right.
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